BoostmyBookings B.V. the controller, is committed to safeguarding your privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect and handle your information when you use the website or software. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, please contact us at

Data gebruik

Wij verzamelen en verwerken uw gegevens voor de volgende doeleinden.

  1. Optionele contactregistratie: We kunnen uw contactgegevens (indien verstrekt) alleen met uw toestemming verzamelen en opslaan.
  2. Relevante informatie verstrekken: We use your data to deliver relevant information through the website.
  3. Website-analyse: We analyseren het gebruik van de website om de kwaliteit en prestaties ervan te verbeteren.

Wij nemen geen autonome beslissingen die gevolgen hebben voor u of anderen op basis van uw gegevens.


  • We retain your contact information (if supplied by you) only with your consent. You can request removal at any time
  • For security, we store your IP address for up to one month. In cases of suspicious activity, we may retain your IP address for up to two years, reporting it to internet security organizations.
  • Gegevens die voor statistieken worden gebruikt, kunnen u niet identificeren.

Bijzondere en gevoelige gegevens

We do not intentionally process data of users under 16 years old. Determining the age of users is not within our capabilities.

If you believe that we have collected personal data about a minor without proper consent, please contact us at, en we zullen de gegevens onmiddellijk verwijderen.

Wettelijke basis voor gegevensverwerking

BoostmyBookings processes personal data only when there is a legal basis for processing. We ensure that personal data is processed only for specific, legitimate purposes and in a manner that respects your privacy

Persoonlijke gegevens delen

BoostmyBookings does not sell your data to third parties. Your data is shared only when necessary for the proper operation of the website or to fulfill legal obligations.

Wanneer u contactgegevens met ons deelt, worden deze gegevens uitsluitend gebruikt om met u te communiceren.

Any data shared with third parties is subject to a data processing agreement, ensuring that they handle your data in compliance with our terms. Data shared is restricted in scope and size, based on the purpose for which it is shared.

Externe dienstverlening

We gebruiken de functies voor het bijhouden van conversies van Google Ads op bepaalde pagina's om inzicht te krijgen in het gebruikerstraject.

We work with Beds24, a trusted partner, to enhance our services and provide various functionalities. Beds24 prioritizes data security and complies with privacy standards.

We use Google Analytics to collect data on user behavior and website performance. Google Analytics may collect information such as the number of visitors, the pages visited, and the geographic location of users.


The website uses cookies for proper operation. Zien ons cookiebeleid voor meer informatie.

Uw gegevens bekijken of verwijderen

You have the right to view, correct, or request the removal of your data stored by the website. To do so, please send a request to

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