Property management

Close and open your accommodations on specific days or change the status to unclean, cleaned or maintenance with the options to add notes

Channel Manager

A Channel Manager where all bookings from your own websites and the connected Online Travel Agents come together. This calendar allows the viewing of multiple properties if you manage more than one property or have several rooms in your accommodation.
You decide your minimum stay and optimise your prices if you notice or know the demand is high.

Online Booking Engine

As a business owner you do not want to fully depend on Online Travel Agents that charge high commissions. When more guests book directly on your website using your own booking engine, generally we see a revenue growth of up to 30%!

Smart & Secure Payment Processing

Custom payments strategies with rules for your clients and reminders if necessary.
Automatically charge cards using the biggest payment gateways that allows you to collect the payments from guests all over the world.

App integrations

We work together with many partners to optimize your business. Extra integrations are possible with for example mailchimp, smart locks, smart thermostats, guests management apps and website builders. With automated rules you can communicate with these apps to reduce your energy bills or automatically change the checkin codes of your properties!.

Chat inbox

No need to login to Airbnb and Pulse. You can chat with your guests using our Messaging API.

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